The Teton Creek Corridor project will build a roughly 2.5 mile pathway from Cemetery Road to Stateline road adjacent to the creek corridor. The pathway will be open to non-motorized traffic and will be closed during the winter season to protect important winter range for big game species. The pathway will be open to the public and will provide a free, safe recreational area for local families.

In the past decade, Teton Valley has developed a robust trails and pathway system. Teton Valley currently has a system of over 40 miles of bicycle and pedestrian specific infrastructure. Recent studies have documented economic benefits from complete bicycle and pedestrian pathway and trail systems, such as growing bicycle tourism dollars and increased city and county sales tax collections. Economic studies have shown that pathways increase adjacent property values by an average of 4-8%, increasing tax revenues and offsetting much of the required maintenance costs.

Teton County will own the necessary pathway easements and be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the pathway.