Restore and Conserve stream Habitat

A critical source of water for fish, wildlife and people, Teton Creek is the single most important tributary stream in the upper Teton River watershed. It is also the most impacted. In the 1990s, the creek channel was severely altered by a property owner, destabilizing the creek bed. The alterations to the stream channel have impaired the creek’s ability to transport sediment and convey high flows, increasing the threat of flooding that could impact more than 250 buildings within the floodplain and hundreds of additional buildings (including much of the City of Driggs). The alterations have also caused severe erosion, loss of cutthroat spawning habitat, and degraded water quality.

Since 2006, Friends of the Teton River has worked with Teton Creek home and landowners, and city, county, state and federal partners to restore the most critically impacted sections. To date, FTR has helped these stakeholders raise almost $3 million dollars to stabilize more than a mile of stream channel. Restoration efforts are ongoing, with the ultimate goal of re-establishing Teton Creek as a dynamic, functioning stream channel that supports a robust fish, wildlife, and plant community, and mitigates flood risk to nearby property owners.