Learn about the work of the Teton Creek Collaborative in Teton Valley, Idaho in this video produced by Fisher Creative.

What is the Teton Creek Corridor Project?

The Teton Creek Corridor project is a collaborative effort between local Teton Valley nonprofits and private citizens. The project has a number of goals in the Teton Creek corridor east of Driggs:

Click the map for a larger view. The dashed line shows the proposed route of the Teton Creek Corridor Pathway.

Pathways and Public Access: The project will establish a new 2.5-mile pathway from Cemetery Road to Stateline Road along the Teton Creek corridor for non-motorized use, subject to seasonal closure to protect critical winter range for big game species. The pathway will create a safe, family-friendly recreational opportunity easily accessible from Driggs, connecting local families to nature and the Valley's agricultural heritage, and providing economic benefits for the entire community.

Agriculture: The project will strive to maintain productive farmlands along the Teton Creek corridor through conservation easements, protecting Teton Valley's agricultural heritage.

Stream Habitat: The project will stabilize more than five miles of Teton Creek streambed, reducing flooding risk for private property and the City of Driggs and improving stream function and habitat.

Riparian Habitat: The project will improve and protect important wildlife habitat along Teton Creek.

Community Development: Project partners will work with interested landowners to improve existing developments and make them more compatible with community goals.


Four local organizations are leading the effort to create this community resource.

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