frequently asked questions

Who is this project for?

Everyone! This project is meant to be an asset for everyone in Teton Valley. This project will build a publicly available paved pathway that can safely be used by local families and visitors for free.


The project will provide a safe pathway for Teton Valley residents and visitors right next to the City of Driggs, support Teton Valleyís agricultural heritage, improve stream function and wildlife habitat, and provide economic benefits.

When will we be able to use the pathway?

The partners aim to break ground for the pathway in 2018. Once completed, public access will be allowed, but will be limited to the pathway. We ask that you respect private property and natural areas.

Who will pay for it?

Local nonprofit groups will fund the acquisitions, construction andsome maintenance costs. Teton County will be responsible for ongoing pathway maintenance.

Who is involved?

This project has relied on the joint efforts of generous private landowners and various community organizations including Teton Valley Trails and Pathways, Teton Regional Land Trust, Friends of the Teton River, Valley Advocates for Responsible Development, Teton County, the City of Driggs, the Community Foundation of Teton Valley, American Rivers and the LOR Foundation.  

How does this benefit our community economically?

Studies have shown that pathways and trails increase nearby property values by 4-8%, resulting in increased tax revenues that can offset maintenance costs. Moreover, pathways like this attract visitors to Teton Valley, equating to more dollars spent at local businesses.

How is this project possible?

Local nonprofit groups worked with willing, private landowners. Through those landowners' generous contributions, this project became possible.

How can I learn more or get involved?

Please Contact Us or any of the organizations listed on our Partners page. All of the partners are interested in getting local citizens involved in the project.